Approvals & Partnerships

DKU’s Approvals and Partnerships

Dale Kietzman University (DKU) is committed to ensuring the highest standards of academic quality and institutional integrity. Our efforts are reinforced by strategic partnerships with other accredited organizations, articulation agreements, and recognition from relevant educational authorities.

Institutional Recognition in Cameroon

DKU’s Institut Superior Dale Kietzman campus in Douala, Cameroon, Africa, has received recognition from the Cameroon Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP). This recognition enables DKU to offer a diverse range of programs, from associates to doctorates, meeting the standards set by the ministry.

Approval in California

DKU is approved for theological programs under an Exempt status with California’s Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). This recognition reflects our commitment to meeting California’s educational standards.

Exemption in Utah

DKU has established an Exemption under the Utah Post-Secondary School Act (Title 13, Chapter 34, Section 105). Exemption under the Utah Post-Secondary School Act does not mean that the State of Utah supervises, recommends, nor accredits the institution. Murray, Utah serves as the institution’s administrative headquarters. All DKU programs are available through the State of Utah Exemption.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration with Accredited Institutions

DKU recognizes the importance of collaboration to enrich the educational experience for our students. We have forged partnerships with accredited institutions, creating a network that offers diverse opportunities for further education. Through these partnerships, our students gain access to a wide range of educational resources, including the option to study in the United States. Our current partners include:

Kansas Christian College

EUCON International University

Ecclesia College

American National University


Looking Ahead

As we continue to pursue accreditation, these achievements and partnerships underscore DKU’s dedication to providing a high-quality education that aligns with international standards. The institution remains committed to transparency and excellence, and we will keep our community informed about further developments in our accreditation journey.

We appreciate the ongoing support from our students, faculty, and staff as we work towards the common goal of ensuring DKU’s academic excellence and global recognition.