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Biblically-Centered Education

General Aspects of Our Education

Dale Kietzman University is proud to offer a biblically-centered education to our students. Our courses are fully online, so students can complete their studies from almost anywhere in the world.

Transforming Communities

By offering a biblically-centered education, we seek to transform communities and make a positive impact in the lives of our students.

Christian Values

Our mission is to provide education that aligns with our Christian values and to nurture students who not only excel academically but also live their lives according to biblical principles.

Fulfilling Careers

A biblically-centered education at Dale Kietzman University prepares our students for fulfilling careers in their chosen fields.

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Be a part of a university that not only provides quality education, but also instills Christian values and transforms communities.

Bringing Christian Higher Education to Africa

Transforming Communities

At Dale Kietzman University, we believe that education is more than just acquiring knowledge. We believe that it has the power to transform individuals and communities for the better.

A Unique Educational Experience

Our program offers a unique combination of academic excellence and spiritual development, preparing students to excel in their chosen careers and make a positive impact on society.

Communities Transformed

Through our Biblically-centered education, we are creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond our students.

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At DKU, we are passionate about our mission to transform communities through higher education.

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My studies at DKU was on one of a kind. This can define the nature of the administration and teachers I came across in the school. Everyone was welcoming and understanding. They were more of parents than mere teachers.

Ngweya Irene

I came out of this school with certificates, but what I’m so happy about is coming out full of values and culture that nurtured me because it’s built me into who I’m today and for who I will be tomorrow.

Dike Zago

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