DKU works to provide resources for its students to be able to complete student assignments, do research, and grow in their understanding. 

Our library efforts are supported by our librarian, Candace Leatherman (

DKU recommends the following databases that contain electronic books, journals, and other reference materials that will assist in review of literature for papers and assignments:

A. Book Boon:

B. Chest of Books:



E. Google Scholar:

F. Open Library:

G. OverDrive:

H. Project Gutenburg:

I. Third Mill:

J. Science Open:

K. arXiv e-Print Archive:

L. Social Science Research Network:

M. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine:

In addition to the open source databases listed above, DKU has a library services agreement with Kansas Christian to provide:

   *Electronic Databases

   *Interlibrary Loan

   *Support from library staff via email